Tourney in the Woods Official Rules

10U-14U Full Ice : 8U (Half Ice)

Full Ice 10U Squirts, 12U PeeWees, 14U Bantams
  1. USA Hockey rules will be in effect for this tournament.
  2. All participating teams must be in good standing with USA Hockey.
  3. Each tournament team will submit a “stamped” USA Hockey roster with final payment. Each tournament player may be required to produce a birth certificate or record of baptism one (1) hour before the first scheduled game. No one will be allowed to play without having met this requirement.
  4. Each team will need to provide a penalty box attendant for each game.
  5. With the purpose for striving towards overall competitive equivalency in all tournament brackets (for example, “Mite A” bracket), the Tournament Director reserves the right to place a Team in a bracket, other than that Team’s official league designation (for example, Valley League “Mite B” or “Mite 2”).Competitive equivalency may require placement of a “Mite A” team in the tournament’s “Mite B” bracket, based on their “to-date” win-loss-tie league record.
  6. All teams will be scheduled to play three (3) games, with a possibility of up to four (4) games. Crusaders Youth Hockey (CYH) is not responsible if a team does not play three (3) games due to circumstances beyond its control, i.e., if a scheduled team does not show up to play due to weather, etc.
  7. All games will start on time. A five (5) minute grace period for a late arriving team, except in the case of a scheduling error, will be observed from the time the Zamboni leaves the ice. If the late team is then unable to start the game with a full team, they will forfeit the game and the opponent will be awarded a win. A forfeited game score will be 3-0.  Teams must be ready to take the ice no less than 10 minutes before scheduled game time.
  8. There will be a three (3) minute warm-up period prior to each game.
  9. No time-outs will be permitted during regular tournament games (Pool Play).  One 20 second timeout during the championship, semi-final, or play-in game per team (Bracket Play).
  10. Games will be three (3) 12-minute “stop time” periods, or one  (1) hour from the time the Zamboni leaves the ice – whichever occurs FIRST. During these games, once the score differential reaches five (5) goals, the timekeeper will notify the game officials and both coaches that “running time” will commence. If the goal differential subsequently becomes less than five (5) goals the clock will resume “stop time”.  In the event of player injury, “running time” will commence after five (5) minutes.
  11. The two top teams in each tournament division will compete in a Championship Playoff Game. In the event that a team, which has qualified for the Championship Game, cannot play for any reason the Tournament Committee reserves the right to select the next highest qualifying team from that Division to play in the Championship Game.
    • For divisions that have a “play-in format” during Bracket Play the same rules will apply for all play-in, semi final and championship games.
  12. All Bracket Play (Championship Playoff, Play-in, or Semi Final) game opponents will be determined by the team with the most points or winner of previous bracket play game.  Points are accumulated as follows:
    • Win:    2 points
    • Tie:      1 point
    • Loss:    0 points
  13. A point tie between two (or more) teams for a Championship Playoff Game position will be broken by steps 1-6. In case of a 3 or more way tie for multiple positions, if one of the team establishes a position (ie Team A has a Goals Against of 5, Team B has a Goals Against of 8, and Team C has a Goals Against of 8) then the remaining teams (Team B and Team C) will restart the tiebreaker process at step 1.
    1. Head to Head Competition
    2. Least Goals Against
    3. Goal Differential (Max of 5 per game)
    4. Goals Scored (Max of 5 per game)
    5. Least Penalty Minutes
    6. Coin toss
  14. The Championship Playoff, Play-in Game, and Semi Final Games will be three (3) 12-minute “stop time” periods.
  15. If there is a tie at the end of regulation time in at Bracket Game (Championship Playoff, Play-in Game, or Semi-Final Game) the winner will be determined by:
    • If the score is tied at the end of three periods, the following will occur:
      • One 5-minute of 4 on 4 stopped time period will occur.
      • Any overtime period shall be considered part of the game and all unexpired penalties shall remain in force. (e.g. the penalized team will start with 3 players versus 4)
      • If another penalty is taken by the team that has already been penalized then the team that is not penalized may add a player to the ice.
      • If the first overtime ends in a tie. There will be a second overtime period of stopped time of 3 on 3. If there is an unexpired penalty from the previous overtime, then the team that has not been penalized may add a player for the duration of the penalty. (e.g. 4 on 3). If there are penalties taken in the second overtime the non penalized may add players for the duration of the penalty(s) up to 5 players.
      • If players are added to the ice due to penalties the additionals player(s) must be removed on the first stoppage of play after the penalty has expired. This will return play to the same format as it was before the penalty was taken. Under these circumstances the offending team may also add player(s), up to the same number as the opponent, from the time of the penalty’s expiration to the first stoppage in play.
      • The game will be completed once either team scores a goal (sudden victory) and that team shall be declared the winner. If no goal is scored at the end of the second overtime, the game will be decided by a shootout *see shootout rules – below.
      • The teams shall not change ends.
    • If there is no winner after the overtime a shootout will occur (Penalty shot procedure rules apply):
      • Round 1: Five Player Alternate Shot: Each team coach will choose five (5) players who are to participate in a designated order of one to five. The first team to shoot will be determined by the toss of a coin. The coin toss winner may choose to shoot first or second.
      • Round 2 to N: One Player Alternate shot: Each team coach will choose one (1) player, per restrictions in section iv, to participate. If no winner is determined the One Player Alternate shot will repeat.
      • The coaches may not choose any player who has previously shot until all players except the goalies have taken a penalty shot for their team. If a winner has still not been declared then the coaches may include those previously chosen players once each until the group has been expended again.
  16. The designated “Home” team will take the players’ bench closest to the locker rooms and wear dark jerseys.
  17. The designated “Visitor” team will wear yellow vests if team jerseys are not distinguishable.
  18. Protests on all matters, OTHER THAN REFEREE JUDGMENTS, must be filed with the Tournament Committee or its representative in writing no later than one (1) hour after the completion of the game being protested. Written protests must contain all facts. Officials must be notified at the time of the protest so that it may be announced to all officials and the public. All protests must be accompanied by $75.00 in cash. If the protest is found in your favor, the $75.00 will be refunded. If the protest is lost the $75.00 will be forfeited.
  19. Coaches are completely responsible for the conduct of their team ON AND OFF the ice, including the spectator area, locker rooms and school grounds.
  20. Regarding accidents or injuries, the tournament will not cover any hospital fees, medications, ambulance transportation or any other expenses. All programs participating should have liability and personal injury insurance. A representative of each team must sign a waiver of liability indemnifying CYH prior to the start of the tournament.
  21. Good sportsmanship and a friendly handshake at the end of the game WILL BE EXPECTED. The coaches and referees will monitor the teams.

 8U Half-Ice Mite Rules

  1. Full size ice divider dasher boards will be used
  2. Intermediate size nets will be used
  3. Games time, two 24 minute halves running time with a 5 minute warm up and 1 minute between halves
  4. 4 on 4 plus goalie
  5. 1 on-ice official per each half-ice game
  6. Buzzer every 2 minutes for line change
  7. Faceoff at center ice after every Buzzer
    1. Players do not need to be perfectly lined up.
  8. Faceoff to the side after each goaltender tie up.
    1. Players do not need to be perfectly lined up.
  9. Faceoff at center ice after every Goal.
    1. Players do not need to be perfectly lined up.
  10. No offsides or icing
  11. Egregious penalties will be called
  12. Players will serve penalty for the remainder of the current and next shift. A replacement player will take their place.
  13. The referee will track score by controlling a remote scoreboard.

10U-12U Full Ice : 8U(Half Ice)