Step 1: Create a Tourney Machine Account
Everyone must create a Tourney Machine account to register and manage their team(s).
Create Account

Step 2: View Team List and Add Team
After you create your account the Team List page will be shown. You can return to this page via the “Teams” button on the top tool bar. Click “Add Team” to add your team to the system. You can add as many teams as needed.

Step 3: Create Your Team Form
Fill in the team form below with your team information. Select “Tourney In The Woods (Group)” for your Group.

Step 4: Click “Register for Tournaments”
After you’ve added all of your teams click on “Register for Tournaments”, which is available from either the Home or Team page.

Note, you do not need to fill out rosters at this time. We will be asking for rosters in a few weeks.

Step 5: Select “Register Now” next to Tourney In the Woods 2018

Step 6: Fill in Tournament Registration Form

This form will need to be fill out for each team. Please be sure to select the correct Division for the selected team. You will have an opportunity to register additional teams after you complete this form.

Step 7: Add additional Teams or Checkout

You can add additional teams as needed or continue on to checkout.

Step 8: Checkout & Select Payment Option
During Checkout you can pay via Credit Card or Check. Select your payment option and follow the payment directions.

Step : Registration Receipt

You’ve successfully registered. A Registration Receipt will be displayed once you complete the process.